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Profile: Western University researcher Carri Hand discovers ways seniors impact their neighbourhoods

Western University professor and researcher Carri Hand has discovered some thought-provoking ways that seniors shape their neighbourhoods.  

SeniorsZen was able to catch up with her and discuss the...

Inforgraphic - Canadian Senior Living - Top Submission for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award

Please enjoy one of the top infographics submitted for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award by Gian Carlo Alix, “Canadian Senior Living”:

Staying Warm this Winter: Cold Weather Tips for Seniors

With winter heading our way it is time to prepare to stay safe and warm during those cold Canadian months.

Majority of BC Seniors Happy with Care Homes

An in-depth survey into the satisfaction of seniors with their care homes in British Columbia has shown over half of seniors consider the homes very good or excellent.

The survey, which was undertaken by the...

What to do on Thanksgiving when your family is far away

Sometimes family just can’t get away to celebrate the holidays with you but that doesn’t mean you need to be down on Thanksgiving weekend.

Celebrate Seniors this October 1

October 1 is the UN International Day of Older Persons (UNIDOP). A day that encourages communities to celebrate the contributions seniors make to society.

Senior Profile: Hon. Sharon Carstairs joins Order of Canada for her work in palliative care in Canada

The Hon. Sharon Carstairs has politics in her blood. Her father was MLA for Halifax and later became the premier of Nova Scotia.  Among other accolades, Sharon followed her father’s footsteps and became...

Dental care tips for seniors

As we age it is important not to neglect our teeth as oral health can have a big impact on our overall health and vice versa.

However, the way in which you care for your teeth may need to change as you get...

Changing Aging - Top Submission for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award

Please enjoy reading one of the top essays submitted for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award by Jennifer Jorgensen, “Changing Aging”:

Tips for safer driving as you age

Tips for safer driving as you age

Having a driver’s license is something that many Canadians take for granted. Yet it is a huge part of maintaining independence for people.

However, as we age our bodies tend to change as well, which can...

Signs Your Caregiver Needs a Break

Caregivers often work long hours with little pay and a big need for a break. Unlike exhaustion or tiredness, which can be fixed through more sleep or a better routine, caregiver burnout is more of an overwhelming...

Senior Profile: Long-time volunteer Joan Berndt offers advice for staying involved

Life-long volunteer Joan Berndt has earned a reputation as a giver to her community. She has been a recipient of the Ontario Senior Achievement Awards and the Caring Canadian Award from the Governor General, which...

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