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Gift ideas for caregivers

Giving gifts is one of the best parts of the holiday season. But it is not always easy to know what presents will be preferred.

While everyone is unique there are some items that will go far with the...

Top Apps for Seniors

Recent studies have shown that over 40 per cent of seniors own a mobile phone. With digital devices become more prevalent among...

Take the Stress Out of Financial Caregiving

One of the least discussed aspects of caregiving is the financial responsibility it brings.

Financial caregiving can refer to either the amount of money that a caregiver contributes to the well-being of their...

Profile: Canadian Centre for Elder Law National Director Krista James

The BC-based Canadian Centre for Elder Law is an organization that looks at the various ways the law affects the lives of seniors. SeniorsZen recently had an opportunity to talk to the executive director of the...

Dealing with Debt: Debt levels for Canadian Seniors Growing

Over the last few years, economists have been alarmed at the growing rate of debt among Canadian seniors.

More and more people are hitting 65-years of age and still carrying a mortgage or car loan, which is...

A Day to Remember

As the sales of poppies continue across the county, we prepare to mark a solemn day of Remembrance on November 11.

Halloween Treat Tips for Seniors

With trick or treating upon us, it is a good time to look at some of the best goodies and treats you can hand out.

Smart Homes Helping Caregivers Monitor Seniors

Smart Home technology has been helping make life easier for caregivers by introducing features to monitor seniors living alone.

Profile: Western University Researcher Carri Hand Discovers Ways Seniors Impact their Neighbourhoods

Western University professor and researcher Carri Hand has discovered some thought-provoking ways that seniors shape their neighbourhoods.  

SeniorsZen was able to catch up with her and discuss the...

Inforgraphic - Canadian Senior Living - Top Submission for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award

Please enjoy one of the top infographics submitted for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award by Gian Carlo Alix, “Canadian Senior Living”:

Staying Warm this Winter: Cold Weather Tips for Seniors

With winter heading our way it is time to prepare to stay safe and warm during those cold Canadian months.

Majority of BC Seniors Happy with Care Homes

An in-depth survey into the satisfaction of seniors with their care homes in British Columbia has shown over half of seniors consider the homes very good or excellent.

The survey, which was undertaken by the...

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