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Profile: Dr. Kirkpatrick writes about his wife's Alzheimer's journey

In his book Neither Married Nor Single Dr. David Kirkpatrick takes the reader through the turmoil, conflict and heartache he experienced as he lost his wife to Alzheimer’s disease.

“If I...

Valentine's Day Ideas for Seniors

A day that has traditionally been reserved for romance has now become an event for everyone. Valentine’s Day is a fun celebration of affection, candy, flowers and all things beautiful and lovely.

Take care of your eyes

Vision loss is something that thousands of Canadians live with and thousands more are diagnosed with each year. In fact, according to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), about 50,000 Canadians lose...

Advice for the Working Caregiver

For most family caregivers their responsibilities run parallel to employment obligations. This can create extra stress on a working caregiver who is trying to earn enough money while feeling the pressure of needing...

Seniors Profile: Scientist Frank Rudzicz talks about his new tool that can detect Alzheimer's

One computer science specialist has been developing a tool that is capable of detecting Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders through speech analysis.

Frank Rudzicz recently spoke to SeniorsZen about...

Helping your Aging Parent Downsize

As we grow older it can be a difficult decision to move or downsize our living space.

This can prove to be a tough time for aging individuals, who are often assisted by their children in the change.

How to Communicate with an aging parent

As parents age they often become more dependent upon family members to care for them and help them complete daily tasks. This loss of independence can lead to emotional conflict within the family, particularly when...

Creating Resolutions You Can Keep

At the start of a new year many people set out goals or New Years Resolutions about what they hope to accomplish in the coming months.

Unfortunately, a large number of those individuals never achieve what they...

Senior’s Profile: VP of Advocacy with CARP talks about the organization’s priorities for change in 2018

As a strong advocate for assisted dying, Wanda Morris has now joined CARP to advocate for the needs of older Canadians.

Recently, SeniorsZen was able to talk to her about what the organization does and what...

Overcoming Social Isolation

Studies have shown that older Canadians are at a higher risk of social isolation than other segments of the population.

Because loneliness and depression can lead to other health problems there has been...

Gift ideas for caregivers

Giving gifts is one of the best parts of the holiday season. But it is not always easy to know what presents will be preferred.

While everyone is unique there are some items that will go far with the...

Top Apps for Seniors

Recent studies have shown that over 40 per cent of seniors own a mobile phone. With digital devices become more prevalent among...

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