Nursing Homes in BC & Residential Care BC Rate Structure

Residential Care costs in British Columbia for publicly-funded institutions are split between the province and clients. The policy that regulates residential care was established in the late 1970s, and since then the clients have been assessed a co-payment fee that varies based on their income. The fee covers room and board, such as meals and housekeeping.

Regional Health Authorities cover the full cost of health care, such as nursing, most of prescription medication and counter drugs, as well as routine medical supplies and equipment. This policy applies to all publicly-funded residential care services, regardless of ownership.

In January 2010, a new, more equitable rate structure was introduced to reduce the burden on low-income seniors, and to improve overall residential care system. Beginning from January 2010, the daily rate was changed by a monthly rate, and clients pay up to 80% of their after tax income toward their room and board costs with a minimum of $897.90 per month and a maximum of $2,932 per month. The minimum monthly rate of $897.90 provides clients with a minimum $275 a month to cover personal expenses such as personal toiletry items, haircuts, newspapers, and over the counter medications.

Clients receiving short term residential care services are not income tested, so a flat daily rate, up to the minimum monthly rate will apply. As of January 1, 2011 the daily rate was set up at $29.52, and no client will be paying more than $897.90 per month when receiving short term residential care services.

It is important to know that no one who needs residential care services will be denied service because of lack of funds - clients who believe their new rate will cause serious financial hardship can contact their Regional Health Authority to request a review of their income and expenses through the standard temporary rate reduction process.

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