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The natural beauty, the sense of culture and a rich history are all things that make the city of Edmonton a great place to explore. If you are considering Edmonton as a vacation destination or as a place to enjoy retirement, Holiday Retirement is already there. The concept of an all-inclusive lifestyle with the option to travel appeals to many, and I personally was happy to find that Edmonton senior housing options include Holiday Retirement. 

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Holiday Retirement Travel
The Holiday travel program offers residents up to seven nights at another of the 300 plus independent living communities across Canada and the US where guests will enjoy a comfy room, meals and shuttle service plus the invitation to participate in all activities, at no additional cost.            

Edmonton Senior Housing
Churchill Manor at 5815 34th Avenue has the city of Edmonton covered with their beautiful grounds and the elegant manor only minutes from amenities such as dining, golfing, healthcare and shopping.

Elk Island National Park, Fort Edmonton and West Edmonton Mall are all within an hour from the community at Holiday Retirement and when it’s time to plan vacation away; members are invited to use another Holiday community as home base while exploring a new city. 

St. Albert retirement
A quick 13 kilometers west of Edmonton in the town of St. Albert, Ironwood Estates offers the Edmonton senior housing market another beautiful option. This quiet community is surrounded by the natural beauty in and around the city and close to the amenities of Edmonton. St Albert focuses on outdoor enjoyment and their Red Willow Trail System spans 70 km of walking paths stretching down the river valley that connects major parks and neighborhoods. Some of the parks along the way include St. Albert Place Promenade, Riverlot 56, Big Lake and Red Willow Park.

Retiring at home
Edmonton senior housing options are a priority to the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton, a not for profit seniors’ organization whose main mandate is to help enhance quality of life for seniors and their families in the Edmonton area. Some of the solutions they suggest for making a home more accessible to seniors are lever door handles; kitchen devices such as touch sensitive faucets and liberty shelving in the refrigerator. Non-slip limestone flooring, an outside ramp and easy to reach light fixtures are also sensible modifications to the home.

Alberta Safety Codes Council
With the average age of the Canadian population rising, Alberta is seeing more and more residents adding modifications to their homes to make them senior friendly. Edmonton senior housing renovations and upgrades are suggested on the website of the Safety Codes Council, along with safety tips including when and where to obtain a building permit.  

The bottom line is that whether you are exploring Edmonton senior housing communities or planning for your retirement years in the home that you’re living in right now, there is a wide range of options available. Take time to explore the regions where you think you’d like to live, scope out the communities and whatever your desire for your retirement years might be, you deserve to live them with the greatest amount of convenience and comfort possible.  

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By Alice Lucette

Image by tvvoodoo on Stock.xchng

Resources: safetycodes.ab.ca, mysage.ca

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