Manitoba is Magical for Retirees

Over a hundred and ten thousand lakes await you in beautiful Manitoba – the province where you’ll find the clearest skies in all of Canada. Over half of Manitoba is forested, while agricultural industries account for much of the province’s remaining land usage. Home to over ten percent of the nation’s farmland, Manitoba also hosts thriving natural resources, tourism, and energy industries. Seniors seeking affordability and access to modern amenities should give some serious consideration to this incredibly prosperous province. Let's take a more thorough look.

Once a remote area used primarily by fur traders, Manitoba is now home to well over a million inhabitants. This province’s diverse history is packed with examples of the Canadian spirit in action. From its colourful history during American prohibition, to the province's fascinating political landscape, you’ll find a lot of amazing anecdotes about this distinctly Canadian province.

Manitoba’s unique beauty has been featured as a backdrop in several Academy Award nominated films – including Capote and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Home to over a hundred and ten thousand lakes, retirees will find Manitoba to be a thrilling fusion of cottage country and big city culture.


Once a lone French outpost, Winnipeg finds its roots in the basin of the enormous Red River Valley – which stretches into the neighbouring United States and continues as far as Minnesota. The largest city in the entire province, Winnipeg boasts an ever-burgeoning population of 700,000+. The province’s capital Winnipeg is home to Manitoba’s legislature, a provincial opera, and a host of world-class recreational and industrial amenities.

The city’s economy relies as much on retail and manufacturing as it does on finance and tourism. In a national survey tracking the viability of 25 significant Canadian industrial centres, Winnipeg ranked third. It’s even home to the Royal Canadian Mint – where all of the nation’s coinage is created. This economically thriving region also includes ten local hospitals, the National Research Council, and the National Microbiology Laboratory.

A substantial student population infuses the city with a vibrancy that makes Winnipeg crackle.  Residents enjoy access to an impressive selection of post-secondary facilities including The University of St. Boniface, Red River College, the Canadian Mennonite University, and the University of Winnipeg. The city’s Fringe, Folk, and Jazz festivals are some of the finest in the nation – second only to the region’s Folklorama celebration, which draws nearly half-a-million visitors every year.

Recreational opportunities abound in this charming Northern city. Spend the day browsing the fascinating collections at the Winnipeg Railway Museum, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and the Manitoba Museum... or take in a game, courtesy of Winnipeg’s healthy assortment of semi-professional and professional athletics associations – including the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets, and the CFL Blue Bombers. All in all, Winnipeg is a great all-in-one solution for the contemporary retiree, in search of a well-stocked city that bustles with arts, culture, and infrastructure.

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Written by Josh Byer
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