Retirement Adventures: The Yukon

Retirement Adventures: The Yukon

A flood of prospectors rush northward. They abandon their families and homes, sell their possessions, and head out to stake their claim in the territory now known as the Yukon. It’s been well over a century since the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897, yet artefacts of this formative era are still visible throughout the landscape. Like the miners who once searched these soils, seniors might also find hidden treasures in the Yukon – which manages to yield some amazing and unique scenarios for today’s retiree.

Relying primarily on revenues drawn from a substantial mining industry, the Yukon also houses an expansive manufacturing sector, a thriving tourism trade, and impressive hydroelectric facilities. From the scenic valley which houses the city of Whitehorse, to the striking shores of the supernatural Beaufort Sea – this territory offers seniors some of the most distinct scenery in the entire country. Let’s explore some of the territory’s finer features, and see if the Yukon contains the retirement community of your dreams. 

Kluane National Park and Reserve

Internationally recognized as an UNESCO world heritage site, Kluane has long-been celebrated for its astonishing glacier. Spend your afternoon soaking in the staggering beauty of the park’s many glacier-fed lakes, where you’ll find some of the best fishing on Earth. A premium location for trout, salmon, and pike, Klaune is also home to Mount Logan – the highest mountain in the entire country.


For thousands of years, settlements have been founded in the resource-rich basin of the Yukon Valley. These days, this gargantuan geological footprint is best known for its most famous city, Whitehorse. The capital of the territory, it stands forever encircled by a stunning assortment of towering mountain ranges.  Not a retirement option for the faint of heart, this is the kind of landscape that would be well-paired to the lifelong adventure-seeker.

Perched upon the grassy shores of the mighty Yukon River, Whitehorse invites visitors to indulge in a fantastic selection regional specialties. Enjoy a relaxing trolley ride, followed by a visit to the Copperbelt and MacBride museums. Enjoy dinner at one of Whitehorse’s lively restaurants, then end the day downtown, admiring the city’s gorgeous murals.

Dawson City

First incorporated in 1902, the 1300 residents of Dawson City participate in the region's mining, tourism, and service industry. The former home of famed Canadian historian Pierre Berton, this distinct community still hums with the energy of its glory years. The epicentre of the Klondike Gold Rush, the area surrounding Dawson City now hosts the remains of several historic dredges – monoliths of a previous generation of miner, treasure hunters will continue to be drawn to this place for generations to come. If you’re fortunate to visit this fascinating destination, be sure you stop by Klondike Kate’s and sample some fantastic down-home cuisine.

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Written by Josh Byer
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