Retirement and Investment Properties in Kitchener & Hamilton

Retirement and Investment Properties in Kitchener & Hamilton

Well positioned to expand its role in the global marketplace, the “Golden Horseshoe” region in Southern Ontario seems poised for steady economic growth – thanks largely to the presence of Canada’s busiest manufacturing infrastructure.  With strong investment potential and impressive existing amenities, this region is a strong contender for retirees and speculators alike. Today, we’ll examine two thriving centers of industry – Kitchener and Hamilton.

Kitchener, Ontario

With a population of 220,000, Kitchener is large city with a slowing real estate market – creating an interesting opportunity to obtain a recreational or business property at a below-average cost. As the area’s well-entrenched manufacturing industry grows over the next decade, regional property values should follow – increasing gradually as population density intensifies. Proximity to the Conestoga Parkway, four substantial business parks, and an emerging hi-tech hub all make Kitchener a promising economic performer. The recent additions of large-scale corporations like Google, Desire2Learn, and Communitech have now opened the doors to an ever-widening sundry of additional technological investment.

One of the area’s substantial employers, Kitchener’s medical resources extend to the Cambridge Memorial Hospital, the Grand River facility, St. Mary’s General Hospital, and the recently opened Pharmacy Wing of the University of Waterloo. It's an environment well-suited to serve older communities, making it a fascinating possibility for retirees looking to purchase a home in the coming year.

Initiated by the Regional Council in 2003, Kitchener joined the GO transit network of light rail and bus systems in 2009 – linking the city to Mississauga and Toronto. Costing over three quarters of a billion dollars, this new access to surrounding areas should encourage an increase in commuter-occupied neighbourhoods. Over time, this should have a subsequent effect on housing values, as long as they grow in tandem with Toronto’s ever-increasing role in the global marketplace.

Hamilton, Ontario

2003 marked the commencement of Hamilton’s three decade strategy for growth. This commitment to long-term prosperity has only enriched the city, which enjoys a stellar reputation for being one of the liveliest investment centres in Canada. With the recent proposal to construct a 1000 hector industrial park, Hamilton seems ready to add to its already-substantial manufacturing resources – an impressive ambition, considering it already possesses the most developed manufacturing infrastructure in the entire nation. 60 percent of all Canadian steel comes from Hamilton – which is home to enormous operations such as Dogasco and Stelco (now owned by the United States Steel Corporation).

Located in the center of the Golden Horseshoe region, Hamilton’s population recently surpassed a half-a-million residents. There's a very interesting selection of properties, small businesses, senior homes, and recreational resources currently available for your consideration – a quick visit to may peak your interest further.


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Written by Josh Byer
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