What Assisted Living Looks Like Today

Helping seniors in Assisted Living embrace and enjoy healthy daily choices, many residences offer health and wellness activities like Yoga, swimming classes, strength training or dance lessons.

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Research on aging finds that seniors thrive when engaged physically, emotionally socially and spiritually. Seniors’ communities across the nation encourage residents to pursue hobbies and interests by providing access to resources like libraries and media centers, computer training, art classes and book clubs. Seniors are taking advantage of lifelong learning made possible through continuing education, lectures and debate clubs at local colleges.

Senior Assisted Living accommodations are taking on a more comfortable and inviting feel with cozy reading rooms, libraries, inviting patios and gardens, and that in turn promotes a feeling of well-being for residents and their guests.

Operators of residences will ensure that the three components of Assisted Living - housing, hospitality services and personal assistance, are provided in such a way that the health and safety of the senior are not compromised. They will provide services in a manner that considers the dignity and independence of the individual and will involve family or friends as requested by the resident. The highest priority will be given to responsiveness and respect for personal preferences, values and needs of the senior.


Written by Alice Lucette

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