Toronto Senior Housing Options

Toronto Senior Housing Options

Thinking ahead about where you might live during your retirement years can be stressful, even overwhelming. You’ve lived in your present home for so long that the thought of packing makes you cringe!

But the earlier you begin considering the options, the more choices and control you will have in deciding where to spend your retirement years. Here are a few guidelines to help you as you begin to wade through the options in retirement living.    

Retirement at home in the GTA
If you do not require a high level of personal care and enjoy being involved in your community, remaining in place may be a wise option for you.

In home care and caregiving services help Ontario seniors maintain their independence as they choose to stay in their homes during their retirement years. Privately owned home-care services typically specialize in meal preparation, light housekeeping, personal grooming assistance and transportation. Community Care Access Centers (CCAC) in the Greater Toronto Area, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, connect you with the type of care that may help you stay in your own home longer -- locate a CCAC near you on their website.    

Carefully consider these things if you are choosing retirement at home:     

  • You have a supportive network of family, neighbors and friends close to your home
  • You have arranged for help with home and yard maintenance when needed
  • You don’t need to drive everywhere and when transportation is required, it’s accessible to you
  • Your neighborhood is senior friendly
  • You are able to modify or update your home to accommodate your changing needs, as you grow older

Keep in mind that while aging in place may be right for you now, it may not be your best option if your mobility becomes limited. Many seniors face loneliness and even depression if they are isolated from family and friends. Have a plan ‘b’ - make yourself aware of the options in retirement living should your needs change in the years to come.
Retirement Communities in Toronto
Retirement communities are often referred to as independent living communities, seniors’ housing, or 55+ communities. They are designed for older adults who are fairly independent however assistance from an outside agency may be allowed, depending on the community.

Retirement communities are generally age-qualified and they offer opportunities to socialize, and a variety of services and amenities to community members. Consider the following if you are thinking of an independent living retirement community:

  • You could use a hand with the housekeeping
  • You enjoy the idea of being part of an active community
  • You want to choose the activities in which you will participate    
  • You want to come and go as you please within a safe environment
  • You are no longer interested in doing yard work in summer or shoveling snow in winter
  • You could use a hand with meal planning and preparation

Start your search here
Begin your search for a retirement community in the Toronto area right here! In the section to the left (or above) entitled ‘Find Senior Housing’, enter: Toronto. Then select ‘Retirement homes’ or ‘All’ from the list of housing types and press ‘start now’. You will find that there are communities covering much of the GTA. Housing options include Independent living, Assisted Living; Alzheimer’s care and even Living Assistance Services.

Take lots of time to learn about communities that may be right for you. Do your homework, make a list of questions and arrange a personal visit. Whether you choose to spend your retirement years at home or partially in your home with the option to move when the time is right, you must do what will work best for you. 

Written by Alice Lucette
Image by elPadawan of Flickr

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