Makeup for Mature Women - An Interview with Bahar Niramwalla

Makeup for Mature Women

For those ladies like me who love makeup, we know that a bad job can ruin our appearance. And if for every skin shade and type there is a best choice of makeup, it is no different when it comes to skin age. To help you make the best choices, SeniorsZen interviewed makeup artist and beauty expert, Bahar Niramwalla. Bahar shared valuable tips for you to rock your next makeup! 

The market is full of products that claim to make our skin younger and steal some years of our appearance, showing beautiful photos of models with glowing skin. But the reality is far from those magical results advertised, isn’t it? I believe we should all embrace our age and be proud of time marks: they are earned! Every smile, tear… every emotion, that built our face and made it unique, is ours! We don’t have to get rid of them. However, there’s nothing wrong with using tricks to feel good about ourselves and cover some visible aging signs. So let's learn a few of those tricks! 

SeniorsZen: When applying makeup, how is a mature skin different from a younger skin?

Bahar Niramwalla: Moisture loss, density loss, sagging areas, (potentially) more sun damage... there are so many areas women with mature skin need to think about when it comes to their skin versus that of a younger person but, perhaps the main one is dealing with gravity. Makeup should give a "lift" to the face, like lashes - going up for bigger eyes - and blush -always going towards the temple instead of towards the ear lobe. But the beauty industry is really stepping up its game with not only skin care products, but also makeup that is enhanced with hydration, moisture, minerals and vitamins!  These are also vital to the makeup application for mature skin.

SZ: What are the key points elderly women should consider when shopping for makeup products? 

BN: Know, first, what you want to achieve with your makeup before you head out, wallet-open. It's easy to get fooled into all the beautiful ads, stunning photography and savvy marketing out there, so just keep your eyes out for what you want. Also, be open to the advice of an expert, as it's always good to get a second opinion. And, of course, be sure to look for ingredients and formulas that are nourishing and kind to your skin - think SPF!


SZ:  We all want to know, how to cover those aging signs, while staying away from the cakey look? 

BN: One of the best things you can invest in is a primer, for the face and for the eye area! The reason is that it works on multiple levels: it will hold any oil that happens to come from your skin at bay, which means the makeup you apply won't slip slide around. Since it's important to look for products that are more moisturizing now, more than ever, the oil that they may contain will also be less likely to move from one place to another. Also, they help to fill in little nooks and crannys (lines, wrinkles) which create a smoother surface for your foundations and concealers to glide upon. 

SZ: In terms of makeup colour choice for mature women, is there any to be avoided?
Again, try steering clear of black around the eyes, just to soften up the features. Other than that, enjoy makeup and colour cosmetics for what they are - if it feels good to put on and you feel good with it on, then wear it!


Before heading to your next makeup shopping, checkout Bahar's tips for a good choice of products!


Look for something with moisture in it - don't be afraid of oil in your foundations! Sheer to medium formulas are best to avoid product collecting into areas you want to avoid.



Keep it light! Consider even using a dab or highlighter when battling underneath the eyes - reflection is a great concealer ;)


Go light and easy here, too. Powder can be good for setting the makeup but it's easy to overboard on the stuff. Consider using a loose, translucent powder and a fluffier powder brush vs. a sponge or puff. The loose powder won't be as thick in application as a pressed one and the brush will also help to distribute it lightly over the face, vs. packing it on.


Consider a move to all things brown vs. the common black in this category. Using black is harsh around the eyes, no matter your age, so why not swap out the darkness for a lighter shade and stick to browns (and dark browns, for deeper skin/hair colours). You'll still achieve definition but the contrast will be reduced and not look so severe. Brown suits every eye colour. Period.

Eye shadow

Unless you're going out in the eve, eye shadow isn't necessary during the day. But it helps to have neutrals on hand at all times. Often, neutral palette eyeshadows give you more bang for your buck and the colours can also double as eyeliners and brow colour (and even fill in a sparse hairline)! Just be sure to stick to matte finishes!


If you don't already have a blush arsenal in your makeup kit, then consider this product your new best friend. Blush is overlooked and underrated and it can really make or break your look. If you apply foundation, brush your brows into place, add some blush and take a step back, it can really surprise you how little else you may need on your face. Stick to cream or cream to powder formulas for a more natural finish.


Stick to moisturizing formulas vs. the (currently) trendy matte formulations, if only for comfort and care of your lips. When it comes to shades, I consider it an anything goes arena of makeup, no matter your age. The colour you choose to put on often changes how you present yourself to the world that day, so go ahead and choose to be whomever you want to!


Know that a good lip liner might be needed to help define your lips as lines begin to show. BUT, look for one with moisturizing ingredients (BITE Beauty (a Canadian comp. to boot) have a GREAT collection!)


The cosmetic industry for mature women has a broad selection of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products. But the truth is that women may want to look healthy and energetic, but not necessary younger. That’s where a good makeup come into place!  We would like to thank Bahar Niramwalla for her wonderful contribution! 


Bahar Niramwalla is a makeup artist and beauty expert. She has appeared on important media chanels, such as CHROME Magazine, City TV,  Global TV, CBC and The Globe and Mail. She also writes for her website




Written By: Eveline Pinto
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