When Home Care is the Best Option for Your Loved One

When Home Care is the Best Option for Your Loved One

“Mom’s 82, loves her home and is deeply attached to it” – says Sarah Lowry, eldest daughter of Betty Lowry. For some people, moving to a retirement community is a life propeller. For others, their home is what anchors them to life. The story you are about to read hits close to home. Betty was determined to remain in her home for as long as she would live.

You see, dad passed away a year ago, and she just doesn’t want to leave the place where they built so many memories. I remember spending Friday nights around our old card table in the basement; Dad would always chop wood in the backyard and build a fire in our wood stove. My two brothers, Mom, Dad and I would play cards chatting about our day & laughing at Dad’s goofy jokes, I can still hear his deep laugh!

Since Dad's passing, mom's health and mobility have created challenges for her independence. She gave us a scare a couple months ago when she slipped and fell on her kitchen rug. Since then we have realized that things are just not the same as they used to be.

My husband and I both work full time, have 3 children to raise, and are just not able to be there everyday to help her. We discussed retirement communities several times, but she keeps reminding us of how much she loves her home, the place where she and Dad raised our family. That’s when we knew that home care was the best solution for mom.

And Sarah was right. Her mom had already mentioned that her neighbour, Joan, had been on her own for over 5 years. Like her mom, Joan too was widowed. She had been able to maintain her independence in her own home with the help and support of Bayshore Home Health. So, Sarah contacted them.

The cost of Home Care companies can be more affordable than retirement communities and fitted Betty’s budget. The best part of this is she is able to stay in her home, which was what she truly wanted.

Based on Betty’s health needs and lifestyle, she was provided with a customized care plan that includes:

- Meal preparation – for when she wants to have guests over and just can’t prepare the meal by herself.

- Housekeeping and grocery shopping – to keep her house and fridge clean and full of nutritious food.

- Companionship to outings and doctor’s appointments– Betty loves window shopping in the mall on Tuesday mornings, followed by visiting her favourite Italian bakery, just like she did with her husband. “Knowing she has someone to share this with puts all our minds at ease.” – Sarah said.

Sarah is happy with their decision. “Our caregiver, Dorothy, is professional, patient and has such a big heart. She has become a part of our family and one of Mom's best friends! Now Mom is building new memories with Dorothy and that old card table! She's having a ball, and we have peace of mind knowing that mom has all the support she needs, and is able to remain in the place she loves best – her home.”


Article is contributed by Bayshore Home Health

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