Staying Active: Sporting Ideas for Seniors

Staying physically active becomes more important as we get older because of the numerous benefits it can bring.

One study has found that individuals who stay active as they age can have a positive impact on the body, including preventing disease or other health problems, as well as the mind, less depression and more cognitive ability.

In Canada the guidelines are that those over 65 years should be active at least 150 minutes each week. Yet, less than 14 per cent of Canadians were active for the prescribed amount of time.  

Thus, it is important to know that the health benefits an active lifestyle brings can be accessed as soon as you start exercising.

Over and above the physical benefits, being involved in sports as you age can also increase your social connections and combat feelings of isolation.

Sports are often best enjoyed when played against others with a similar skill level but that can sometimes be difficult as we age, with mobility and other ailments interfering with our activities. But it doesn’t have to stop us, there are many sporting activities that seniors can not only enjoy but excel at.

Here are a few ideas to stay active as you age.

Tennis or badminton: An ideal, low-impact activity, tennis or badminton can be played on indoor courts no matter what the season.

Lawn bowling: A favourite among older Canadians this sport encourages social interaction with an easy way to stay fit without overdoing it for your body.

Croquet: This sport has similar benefits to lawn bowling. It is a moderate sport that you can play competitively anywhere that can enhance social connections as well as help individuals stay active.

Golf: A popular sport no matter what your age, golf is a great activity for those looking for a fun challenge. This has long been a way for seniors to stay active as it is not hard on the knees. Golfing has also been seen as a way to improve focus or concentration in older adults.

Curling: While primarily a winter sport, curling is a great fitness activity that enables older individuals to be involved in competitive sport that has social and physical rewards.

Bowling: This is also an activity that can be enjoyed year-round. If it is a concern, most alleys can supply light-weight balls to minimize heavy lifting.Bowling is also a multi-person game and is another great way to encourage socialization while staying active.



Despite health concerns that come up as our bodies age including being overweight or balance problems it is important to stay active.

By engaging in physical activity each week individuals can reap the benefits starting immediately. From sleeping better to feeling better to even thinking better the advantages to maintaining an active lifestyle are well worth the time and energy spent.

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