Gift ideas for caregivers

Giving gifts is one of the best parts of the holiday season. But it is not always easy to know what presents will be preferred.

While everyone is unique there are some items that will go far with the caregivers in your life. Here are some tips for getting the right gift for that person who gives so much of themselves.

Gift certificates: Because caregivers are so busy taking care of others they often neglect to take time to indulge themselves. Consider giving them a gift certificate to a spa, theatre or restaurant so they can have some well-deserved time off. You could also arrange a house cleaning service or repair service.

Subscriptions: Sometimes an enjoyable book or movie can go a long way to helping a person relax. A busy caregiver might need an extra nudge to unwind. Getting a book or movie club subscription gives them an opportunity to be entertained without leaving the house.

Gift baskets: Everyone loves a good treat, which is why a gift basket is another top idea. This includes food baskets with favorite items, a drink basket with some gourmet coffees or wine and cheese assortments. Gift baskets could also include a collection of bath or beauty items.

Homemade item: A very personal way to say thank you is to make a gift. Ornaments or knitted items have always been popular ways to show you care. This can also be a family or group project to show the caregiver how much they mean to you all.

Charity donations: Consider a donation to a charity that means a lot to your caregiver. By making the donation in the caregiver’s name it shows that you hear what is important to them. It also helps them to feel good about making a difference for a cause that has touched their heart.

Hobby items or classes: Time away from their duties to relax is one of the most important things that a caregiver needs but never seems to take. By offering them a gift that allows them to pursue a hobby or outside the home activity is a terrific way to encourage them to spend time on their own interests. This could be an artist kit or even a local class in photography or woodworking. Just be sure it is something they have expressed an interest in previously.


These are just some of the many ideas that you can use to treat the caregivers in your life. Other ideas include offering them some time away from their duties, bring them meals or fresh baked goodies, help with the yard work or shopping.

Send us an email with some of your great gift ideas for caregivers. We would love to hear about those unique and special presents that were well-received.

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