Valentine's Day Ideas for Seniors

A day that has traditionally been reserved for romance has now become an event for everyone. Valentine’s Day is a fun celebration of affection, candy, flowers and all things beautiful and lovely.

Here are a few ideas to make the day special for the senior in your life.

  • Attention: Simply taking time out to spend it with them can make the difference. Talk with them about their memories of Valentine’s Day. Perhaps they exchanged cards at school or have some photos they’d like to show you? Listening to their stories helps lift their spirits.
  • Handmade gift: Cards, fresh flowers and other decorations can help make their space come alive.
  • Homemade meal: Make them a favourite dish and bring it to them for a Valentine’s Day dinner.
  • Plan a date: It is not always easy for seniors to get out during the winter months. Taking them for a coffee or to a movie on Valentine’s Day will be a treat.
  • Care package: Gather some goodies together into a package for those family members who live far away.
  • Plan a party: Many seniors facilities or community centres are a great place to get together for some Valentine’s Day fun. Games like candy bingo, name that love song or Valentine Pictionary are some fantastic ways to get everyone involved.
  • Get creative: Host a community craft session and create your own Valentine’s Day cards and crafts.

There are many ways to mark Valentine’s Day this year for those young and old, single or attached.

Let us know some of the ways you plan to celebrate this year.

Written by Chandra Lye

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