Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

Gardening has become a favourite pastime for many Canadians.

When it comes to retirement, one of the concerns about moving to a smaller home has been the loss of a loved hobby.

However, downsizing your living space doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy growing your favourite plants, flowers or food. It just takes a little creativity.

Here are some tips for the green thumb in a small space:

Create a green wall with oversized pots: If you have a patio or balcony you can add some privacy by creating a line of large pots with different plants.

Build up: You can design a wall planter that has space to hold plants vertically. Alternatively, consider hanging planters that you can hang on your ceiling if there is no other space.

Recycle old belongings: An old hanging organizer or shoe holder can serve as a mini vertical garden space. Fill each slot with some potting soil and your favourite plant and hang it up outside.

Use window space: A tried and true way to stay green in a small space is window boxes. You can build your own, repurpose recycled material or shop your local gardening store for a style you like.

Raised beds: Buying a table or raised plant bed is a great way to get your greens into a smaller space. It also gives you the added advantage of not having to bend down as much.

Stay inside: Given the cold Canadian weather, gardeners may want to create an inside space for their plants. Using a table or hanging them from the ceiling will provide you an opportunity to enjoy them all year round. You can even consider using a terrarium on a window sill for a mini-greenhouse.

Add layers: Making the most of a small space means having to think vertically. Placing plants at different levels throughout the area can make it seem you have a bigger garden.

Keep it small: When considering the plants to best fit your space, go for ones that don’t grow too big. Larger plants can give your space a crowded and cluttered look. This also applies to the number of plants you add to the area. Remember, less is more when you have a small gardening space.

Limit the colour: Most experts agree that a smaller garden should have no more than two or three different colours. This gives the impression of a space designed with purpose rather than a mishmash of plants.

The secret is really being creative with the space you have. Consider how you could repurpose old containers, shelves, tables and more into your gardening space. As well, are there any empty spaces in your new home that could double as a garden, such as a drive way?

Whatever you do with your small space, let us know. We’d love to hear about your imaginative ways to garden in a small space.

Written by Chandra Lye

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