Independent Living

From apartment-style living to housing units and cottage-style residences, Independent Living options come in all shapes and sizes. There’s large and well-equipped retirement homes that boast on-site shopping, spas, and restaurants – but there’s also cozy and private seniors’ communities which offer fantastic access to outdoor recreational options. Many host a variety of additional facilities, including theatres, gardens, hair salons, games rooms, arts and crafts studios, libraries, chaples and even wellness and fitness centres.

Independent Living

Is Independent Living right for me?

If you or your loved one is 55 years or older, an Independent Living residence could prove to be a perfect fit.  Imagine living in a community of peers where all of your meals, laundry, and chores are taken care of – while you’re completely free to come and go as you please. You can also discover a wide range of meaningful and creative pursuits from art classes, live entertainment, and exercise programs to pet visiting, family events, and religious activities, the countless recreation options are meant to enrich your life in a friendly and supportive environment. Seniors can choose from a plethora of transportation options, including regular shuttles and ride sharing programs. 

Located in proximity to shopping areas, recreational centres, and medical resources, Independent Living facilities allow seniors to maintain their independence while enjoying a laid-back, relaxing lifestyle.

Level of Care

Independent living facilities are ideal for retirees who can complete basic physical tasks without requiring any additional assistance. Engineered for the active and social senior citizen, these communities may not be adequate for individuals who are dealing with significant health or mobility issues.  If you experience difficulty while performing light household duties, or require assistance while dressing and using the bathroom, you’d likely be best served by an Assisted Living community.

Locating the right resources

SeniorsZen offers retirees unlimited access to their Canada-wide database of seniors-related services and residences.  Once you’ve created a shortlist of potential facilities, SeniorsZen can then assist you with any queries you may have – as well as providing with the information you’ll need to contact and tour the communities which interest you most.

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