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Most Albertans enjoy good health and quality of life and want to stay independent as they age. Being able to live in their own home and community is important to them. Alberta Health Services system provides a range of services to support wellness and independence of seniors.

There are four main care options available for seniors living in Alberta: Home Care, Independent Living, Supportive Living and Long-Term Care.

Home Care in Alberta is available for seniors to help them remain safe and independent in their own home for as long as the can. Home care services may include personal care supports such as assistance with bathing and dressing; it can also provide a wide range of health care supports such as wound management, IV therapy and end of life care. Home Care services are administered by Alberta Health Services.

Retirement Homes in Alberta  (also known as Independent Living Facilities and Retirement Residences) – are ideal for seniors who are relatively independent, but need minor help with daily living activities. These activities might include: meals, light housekeeping, laundry, social and recreational programs. Such residences can range in cost from $1500 to $5000/month depending on the location, amenities, staffing level, and service package options.

When living at home is no longer a safe option for you, you may move to a supportive living community such as enhanced living, designated assisted living (DAL), or a personal care home. Supportive living offers a family-friendly, home-like environment and peace-of-mind that comes from having on-site staff 24 hours a day.

Enhanced Living provides you with access to a Health Care Aide 24-hours a day for personal care and support as well as continued professional care. Enhanced Living care can be provided in Supportive Living spaces such as a lodge, or Designated Assisted Living facility.

Assisted Living in Alberta (also called Supportive Living or Designated Assisted Living) is recommended for individuals who require high levels of personal care and support and the professional care of onsite nursing. This type of supportive living setting provides you with a home where you can enjoy privacy and independence with the comfort of knowing health and personal care supports are on site when you need them. DAL is an excellent option for individuals with a wide range of needs including adults with disabilities and seniors with complex and significant care needs.

Long-term care facilities are available for seniors who have highly complex health needs and whose care cannot be safely provided in their own home, or in supportive living. This type of senior care is offer in more hospital-like environment. Long-term care accommodations may also be referred to as facility living, nursing homes or auxiliary hospitals and can be run by for and not for profit organizations, or by Alberta Health Services.

In Alberta supportive living accommodations are licensed under the Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act. Alberta Seniors and Community Supports monitors all supportive living and long-term care accommodations for compliance to the accommodation standards, minimally on an annual basis.

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