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Nova Scotia In Nova Scotia, the Department of Health and Wellness administers Continuing Care program that provides care services to seniors such as long-term care (Residential Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes) and home care.

Home care services enable senior residents in Nova Scotia to remain in their homes as independent as possible for as long as possible. Home care services include home support (such as personal care, respite, and light housekeeping), nursing care (such as dressing changes, catheter care, and intravenous therapy) and home oxygen.

When seniors’ needs exceed what Home Care services can provide, individuals have an option to move to a long-term care facility. There are three types of long-term care homes available, depending on the support you need.

Residential care homes (also known as RCFs – Residential Care Facilities) offer accommodation, personal care (for example bathing and dressing), and supervision in a safe and supportive environment. Services are provided by trained residential care workers available on site at all times. Qualified individuals admitted to a Residential Care Home that is funded by Department of Health, pay accommodation charge, however financial assistance may be available depending on personal situation.

Community based-options (CBOs) provide a similar level of care to that of RCFs but these approved housing units serve a maximum of three people. These facilities provide housing and continuing care for people who no longer can live independently in their own home but  do not require 24-hour nursing care. Such residential care homes offer small, home-like, safe and supportive environments to seniors. In Nova Scotia, CBOs and RCF’s are owned and operated by private individuals or organizations and operate either under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health or the Department of Community Services.

Nursing homes are for seniors who need a high level of nursing care.

Nova Scotians who live in residential care facilities, nursing homes, and community-based options are not  required to pay for their health care costs. As well, residents do not have to use their assets to pay for their long term care accommodation costs.

Please contact senior service providers to obtain more information.

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