Nunavut Senior Housing

NanavutNunavut offers Home Care services for seniors which include basic hygiene, home support, nursing care, nutrition services, palliative care, rehabilitation, respite care. This enables seniors remain in their homes for as long as possible rather than going to a hospital or long term care facility which may not be located in their community.  In Nunavut, home care is managed by the local Regional Health Authorities (RHA). The local Regional Health Authority will conduct an assessment to determine needs and develop a care plan accordingly. There are no fees for home care, this program is entirely subsidized by the government.

Seniors who require higher level of assistance and care, and are no longer able to live independently in their own homes or with family, may choose to move to a Long Term Care Facility such as assisted living, residential care home or nursing home. Nursing homes in Nunavut are residential long term care facilities that provide accommodation, supervisory care, personal care, nursing and medical services on a 24-hour basis. In Nunavut, assessments and admissions to nursing homes are managed by the local Regional Health Authorities. There are no fees for nursing home care as they are entirely subsidized by the government.

Please contact senior service providers to obtain more information.

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