Yukon Territory Senior Housing

Yukon In Yukon, residential and home care services for seniors are provided by Yukon’s Continuing Care Branch of Health and Social Services department. Yukon Home Care Program is designed for seniors who have difficulty accessing services in their community due to health or mobility issues. Senior Home Care program helps aging individuals to live independently at their homes.

Yukon seniors who require additional support may choose to utilize Residential Care Program.

This program offers Intermediate level residential and respite care for seniors by providing support to individuals who require moderate assistance with their activities of daily living and monitoring and professional care on an intermittent basis throughout the day. Residential Care for seniors may also include extended care, complex chronic care (for seniors who require extensive assistance with their daily living activities, monitoring and/or professional care on a 24-hour basis) and special care (for clients with dementia).

Palliative Care Program and Respite Care Services are also available throughout Yukon Territory.

Please contact senior service providers to obtain more information.

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