Retirement Homes

Today's retirement homes offer seniors a variety of options. Some take the form of an apartment or condominium complex, while others feature bungalows and cottage-style residences. Catering exclusively to the 55+ crowd, Retirement Homes are an ideal option for seniors who are relatively independent and do not require specialized care – although Home Care is often available. Offering a wide selection of amenities and services, these carefree communities allow residents to focus the leisure and luxury of an all-inclusive retirement lifestyle.Retirement Homes


Retirement homes are specifically designed to meet the social, recreational and personal needs of seniors just like you. From fitness to dining, trained on-site staff ensure that you'll receive the care and attention you need. Weekly housekeeping and laundry service are provided for all residents. Each facility hosts its own on-site chef, who prepares delicious and fresh meals each day. Many retirement homes also offer an impressive variety of additional resources – including libraries, games rooms, arts and crafts studios, wellness and fitness centres, theatres, gardens, salons, and even restaurants.

Pursue your interests and hobbies in a community of healthy, happy seniors who share the same tastes as you do. Social events, classes, programs, and fun excursions are available year-round. There's also in-house programs for those seeking opportunities to engage in community outreach, volunteer work, and event organization. All activities are voluntary, and residents are entirely free to do as they please.

Selecting a Retirement Home

Canadian seniors have an enormous selection of retirement homes to choose from. These facilities offer easy access to nearby shopping, cultural venues, and medical facilities. Many offer transportation services, ride sharing, and more – extending your independence even further. SeniorsZen's easy-to-navigate database makes it simple to browse and compare retirement homes located in every province and territory. Once you've created a shortlist, SeniorsZen can help you and your family contact each provider, arrange for tours, and answer any questions you may have.

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