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We don't have the data about specific costs of retirement homes in Winnipeg. The average cost of Retirement Homes in Manitoba is $2,338 per month. Manitoba Retirement Homes rates range from $1,730 to $2,834 per month, depending on the type of accommodation, location and services which you require.

Winnipeg is among the 20 most desirable places to retire and one of the top 10 cities to live in Canada. Winnipeg Retirement HomesThe capital of Manitoba is popular with retirees for its reasonable cost of living, accessibility, diverse culture and internationally influenced food scene (Winnipeg was named Canada’s cultural Hot Spot in 2010), proximity to the cottage country and nature, abundant wildlife and plenty of outdoor and indoor activities for seniors.

The city of Winnipeg lies on the flood plain of the Red River Valley. It is known as the ‘Gateway to the West’ and home to the largest remaining urban elm forest in North America. Winnipeg is close to many large lakes of the Canadian Shield including Lake Winnipeg, the eleventh largest freshwater lake in the world!

Retirement Homes in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is Canada’s seventh larges city. The population of its metropolitan area is approximately 730,000 with 14% being age 65 and up. The population of the capital city represents nearly half the population of the entire province of Manitoba.      

Manitoba’s beautiful Cottage Country is a quick hour’s drive east of Winnipeg and is popular for fishing, boating, golfing and relaxing at one of the many lakes in the area.

Retirees in Winnipeg enjoy the humid continental climate and its four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and winters are cold with pleasant transitional periods in spring and fall. Despite winter’s chill, Winnipeg’s yearly average of 318 days of sunshine allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities year-round.

Retirement homes in Winnipeg vary in the type of care, services and amenities that they offer. From independent living to assisted living, to residential care – there’s an option for every lifestyle. Isolation and loneliness become an issue for many seniors as they age, this is why many seniors and their families chose Winnipeg retirement residences that offer plenty of social and recreational activities and programs, all designed to help seniors stay active and as involved as they choose, while enjoying a graceful retirement.

Whether you’d like to spend your retirement years relaxing at the lake, golfing, or gardening with others in an independent adult community, you will find a senior living option to suit you in the city of Winnipeg.

Services and Activities for Seniors in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Seniors Centres

There’s a wealth of opportunities for older adults in Winnipeg to socialize, join a group, take a class, and even learn a second language.  Meeting new friends and connecting with old ones is easy at a seniors’ centre. From the Main Street Centre downtown to Brooklands Pioneers Senior Citizens Club, to Pembina Active Living and many more, seniors’ centres cover most every community of the city.

Winnipeg’s seniors’ centres promote health, quality of life, and encourage older adults to stay active. Examples of programs offered by seniors’ centres include fitness and exercise, leadership development, volunteer opportunities, legal advice, as well as information and referrals specifically for seniors in Manitoba. 

Rady JCC Fitness Centre

Members and guests enjoy Winnipeg’s finest saltwater pool at RADY JCC Fitness Centre. Certified trainers work with seniors to design personal fitness plans using state-of-the-art facilities. Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi classes are also popular with the 55plus crowd. You’ll also find a wide selection of classes and activities that help seniors stay sharp while having fun! These are a few of the possibilities:  

Gotta Move! Gotta Dance!

Enjoy the day as you kick up your heels and learn easy dance routines in the Dance Studio. You will not only renew your love of dancing but you’ll get a workout as your stresses melt away to the music.

Bridge or Mahjong

Drop in to the Adult Lounge at Rady JCC and enjoy an afternoon with new friends or old ones, over a game of Bridge or Mahjong.

PACE (People With Arthritis Can Exercise) and MS Action

Exercise classes specifically for individuals living with arthritis or multiple sclerosis are offered in the Adult Lounge. PACE and MS Action classes are designed to help improve overall health and level of fitness by strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility.

Summer Healthy Cooking

The resident nutritionist provides cooking tips to help put interest and variety into summertime menus.   

Senior Shabbat Dinner and Shabbat across Winnipeg

Shabbat takes place in conjunction with Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre. Check the Rady JCC webpage for dates, locations and other details.

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Revera - Rosewood – Winnipeg, MB

Rosewood offers unique retirement living experience by offering cozy cottage-style homes that are connected by beautiful walkways. Each home is occupied by just 12 residents.

Care Type: Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care, Retirement Homes

Revera - Portsmouth – Winnipeg, MB

Among the best Winnipeg retirement homes, Portsmouth features prime location in famous Tuxedo neighbourhood, adjacent to beautiful Swindon Oaks Park and just minutes to Assiniboine Forest.

Care Type: Independent Living, Retirement Homes, Senior Homes

Seine River Retirement Residence – Winnipeg, MB

Imagine that you no longer have the responsibility of owning your home – how would you spend your newly found free time?  Perhaps a session in the hydro tub at the spa? Or mediating in a beautifully serene chapel? Or maybe heading out on an outing to Assiniboine Park Conservatory, to lose yourself in the presence of 8,000 plants and trees – with some newfound friends? This is retirement living at Seine River Retirement Residence.

Care Type: Assisted Living, Short Term Stay, Trial Stay, Retirement Homes, Senior Homes

Sturgeon Creek I Retirement Residence – Winnipeg, MB

Sturgeon Creek Retirement Residence is conveniently located in the Sturgeon Creek neighbourhood of Winnipeg next to the famous creek, across the street from the hospital and close to other city's amenities and a number of fine parks.

Care Type: Assisted Living, Respite, Short Term Stay, Trial Stay, Retirement Homes, Senior Homes

Shaftesbury Park Retirement Residence – Winnipeg, MB

When you decide that owning a home just might be cramping your lifestyle, that you yearn for new experiences and spaces, it is time to consider the lifestyle at Shaftsbury Park Retirement Residence. Why not live in a community composed of fellow adventurers, in a physical space that has designed to bring your comfort and pleasure?

Care Type: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care, Respite, Short Term Stay, Trial Stay, Retirement Homes, Senior Homes

Sturgeon Creek II Retirement Residence – Winnipeg, MB

Retirement living may begin with shrugging off the lifestyle that was centred around living in your own home, but is surely does not end there. At Sturgeon Creek II Retirement Residence, it is a fluid way of living, with new people entering your life, with the joy of discovering new passions, or remembering old ones, and with a sense of freedom taking root in your being.

Care Type: Assisted Living, Short Term Stay, Trial Stay, Retirement Homes, Senior Homes

River Ridge Retirement Residence – Winnipeg, MB

When you divest yourself of your home and choose to live among others who have done the same, a special thing happens. You find yourself laughing more often and doing things that you’ve never done before, like winning a Wii tennis tournament or painting the Red River in dark oils.

Care Type: Assisted Living, Respite, Short Term Stay, Trial Stay, Retirement Homes, Senior Homes

Revera - The Waverley – Winnipeg, MB

The Waverley is a chalet-style retirement home in Winnipeg with long-standing reputation as a vibrant and welcoming senior living community.

Care Type: Independent Living, Retirement Homes, Senior Homes

River Ridge II Retirement Residence – Winnipeg, MB

River Ridge II Retirement Residence sits on the bank of the mighty Red River, offering luxurious lifestyle of comfort and simple elegance in retirement.

Care Type: Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care, Respite, Short Term Stay, Trial Stay, Retirement Homes, Senior Homes

Revera - The Wellington – Winnipeg, MB

A distinguished Winnipeg retirement home, The Wellington boasts picturesque setting overlooking the Assiniboine Forest.

Care Type: Independent Living, Retirement Homes, Senior Homes
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