Are there any Prov rules/regulations governing the service fees for optional ammenties Retierment Homes charge private owners in thier buildings?

Due to changes in income for our parents - and no longer using these services, it would only be fair and reasonable to renegotiate the fees for services never uesed. What is one's legal position in this? Yes, a contract was signed - but with


I don't know what province you are in, so it is hard to say.  and I am not sure which optional amenities you are talking about.  My guess is that when your parents moved in, they signed some sort of contract  outlining fees and their application to  each unit and resident. You could talk to  the provincial ombudsperson or you could see if the residence is a member of any professional  organization and contact the organization.  It sounds like you have talked to the administrator of the building.  If it is owned by a larger company, you could talk to  a regional or national person from the company.  Last of course, you can consult a lawyer, which I am not.  In some provinces  a residence may fall under  strata laws or even landlord tenant.


Peter Silin