Are there any subsidies for senior care in BC? What programs and services are available?

The term senior care, similar to seniors housing, covers a broad range. The short answer is  that in the publicly funded system, there are subsidies, but they are generally based on your income.  If you are looking for assisted living, or nursing home care,  the cost will always be below your income, because the costs are determined by income. If you are looking for home support (someone to come to your home  to help out)  this is also based on income. However, if your income is at a certain level, there is often no difference between what you would pay through the publicly funded programmes and  by buying service privately. The advantage of the latter is that there is more flexibility in the tasks the home support worker can do and you are the direct determiner of times and tasks.  Call your local health authority to find have an assessment.   There is also subsidized  supportive housing and low rent  independent housing through the public system, however it is limited. To  find out more about this, go to B.C. Housing, There is a specific page on supportive housing for seniors: at

Peter Silin, MSW, RSW, CCC