Are there provincial rules and regulations towards rent and fee increases in a retirement home? If so, please provide info to obtain information regarding this question. Thanks

Ito calculate affordability, I have to look forward to increases in rents etc after moving to a retirement home as part of our budget for my wife and myself.

It depends on what you mean by retirement home. If you are talking about a building for seniors or restricted by age simply, then they are usually covered by the provincial landlord tenant regulations. This would be for rent only. If you are talking about private assisted living and nursing homes, they may or may not be covered by provincial regulations. Publicly funded nursing homes and assisted living do have restrictions on what they can charge and their increases, but it is not via the landlord tenant legislation usually, but by the provincial body charged with regulating the facilities in general. For services in private homes my guess is you are pretty much out of luck in terms of having any restrictions on increases in fees for services.

The best thing to do is to call landlord tenant agency in your province. You could also call your provincial ombudsperson. Finally, you could call the health authority in your area and ask them if the particular residence is covered.

Peter S. Silin, MSW, RSW, CCC