Are you aware of any retirement residences in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton, area that a senior can purchase in a community setting and may offer amenities?

There are unlimited options for retirement living in the area that you mention. However we need to clarify your request.

Retirement residences in Ontario are governed by the Ontario RHA (Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority - and are most commonly rental arrangements under the provincial landlord-tenant legislation. Rent is paid monthly with a deposit of one month’s rent, which is refunded when the resident leaves, which may be at any time with 60-day’s notice.

The type of retirement living wherein resident purchase their units is called a life-lease; residents purchase the unit at a price derived by the retirement community, live in it, then when they want to sell, may only sell back to the retirement community. The seller then gains (or loses) when the unit is re-sold.

More and more retirement communities are offering life-lease arrangements. They usually apply to seniors wanting a more independent lifestyle. Check the many retirement residence directories, such as or to find these residences in the GTA/Hamilton area.

With regard to amenities, life-lease suites are incorporated into the retirement residence community, so all amenities are available to life-lease residents. Details about amenities will be given in the guides suggested above, and typically include social activities, recreation areas, pub nights, excursion bus, fitness centres and an onsite medical centre.


Pat M. Irwin, BA, AICB, CPCA, ElderCare Consultant
Pat Irwin is President of ElderCareCanada.