Can a person Volunteer in an Assisted Living Complex that is in a Union?

A friend of mine wanted to Volunteer at a Complex that is in a Union in B.C. She was told that they do not allow volunteers in a Union run facility. Is this true?


Well, the best thing to do is to call the facility individually and ask what their policy is. My experience is generally that unions are happy to have people volunteering as long as they are not doing work that is done by a union member or covered by a union contract. Having said that, it is generally at the facility level. For example, you could not serve food in a unionized dining room most likely, but you could serve food to your relative. You could not generally be on hand to change residents, but you could help one to whom you are related or acting in the capacity of a companion. I have seen volunteers run programmes with the programme department even though they are often staffed through union personnel.

So, all in the details, and wonderful that you want to volunteer. The warmth and caring volunteers give truly can make a difference.


Peter Silin, MSW, RSW, CCC