In the current policy of live-in caregiver program do you see any area that needs improvement? What are those, if any?

The current programme serves the needs of  the person who needs care very well, however it does not serve the caregivers.  It separates them from their families for long periods of time.  If the person to whom they are providing care dies or goes into care, they can be left without the ability to work legally, as they are on contract for that person only.  The caregivers provide long hours usually above and beyond what they are contracted to do.  I think that there needs to be some kind of government  agency that they can turn to and who monitors their working conditions and how the contract is going.  To know their rights is one thing--to be able to ask that they be honoured is  different, and more difficult.
Best wishes,
Peter Silin, MSW, RSW, CCC