I am 57 years old and diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and OCD. I live on disability insurance in British Columbia. I cannot work full time and find it difficult to find part time work. Do I qualify for assisted living?

I have an inheritance coming but it will be less than $100,000. I have found it difficult to stay in rented rooms. I do not have very good social skills although I do have a college education. At 57 years of age, am I too young to apply for assisted living. On $900.00 per month for disability insurance, I cannot find housing that I need. I have applied to BC Housing and presently I am homeless. Would it be a good idea to consider assisted housing or retirement housing?

You would most likely qualify for various seniors housing, as many of them start at 55. You would have to apply directly to many of them as they are not all through BC Housing. Look on www.seniorsservicessociety.ca for some in your area. You might qualify for publicly funded assisted living. I would suggest you talk to an assessor in your Health Authority area and see if they would consider waitlisting you for assisted living, which is according to income.

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