I am putting my Sister, age 70, in my investment condo at the Senior Subsidy rate so I will lose money on this property. Is there a program that assists families that keep their elderly out of the assisted living spaces?

I normally charge rent on this suite at $1100 a month. My Sister will pay $400 as this would be what the Government would charge her if she lived in a subsidized suite. Thank you for you time. Lynzie Pilfold

I do not know directly of any programmes that do that, but there are benefits programmes that you might be eligible for. For instance, in some provinces, if an older person pays a certain amount as related to their income, up to a maximum, then they may be eligible for a refund. So for instance, if your sister paid $800.00 per month, and her income were $20,000, then she might be eligible for a grant that would cover some of that. Those numbers are just grabbed out of the air to give you an example. Also, make sure she receives all the benefits she might be entitled to, such as disability tax credits, etc. and that might help you adjust the rate. There is the family caregiver benefit, but that does not seem to fit your situation. My best advice in this situation is always to contact the seniors' information branch/website of your province or your accountant.


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