Moving from B.C. to Alberta - How long a wait before applying for AHC and being admitted into a Care Facility?

My mother is presently in Extended Care in Penticton, B.C. We are looking at the possibility of bringing her to Alberta, in particular the Red Deer area. I have determined that to come from B.C. to Alberta, that you have to wait 3 months to get on Alberta Health Care. I was also told that she would have to be a resident in Alberta for a mimimum of 6 months before she could apply to get into a facility. Can you provide me a number of an organization where I could call and get all of these questions answered? I need to know if there are exceptions if you are not wanting subsidy, what the costs will be out of her pocket, etc. She is currently on subsidy, and is very low income. Thank you.


The facility where your mother is now  needs to contact the the Continuing Care Placement  office  for Central Alberta,,  403-314-6112. They will send the facility a list of information that they need. Once they receive that, they will review it and  put your mother on a waitlist. From outside the province the approved sites are limited and may not be one in Red Deer. She would have  to go to that site for a year before going to another place closer to Red Deer. According to the placement office, there is a huge demand for services and housing so there will be a waiting period, you may  want to be flexible in  the area you choose,  which might make admission faster.  If you move to a  private pay community, you can apply directly from Penticton to the individual community, but  she will still have to  go on a waitlist for a publicly funded place once she is there.   If you choose to go to a completely privately funded community, outside of the system, you could easily pay $6,000 per month   and more, depending on the type and amount of care your mother needs.

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