My mom has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimers, and told she has to move to assisted living.

I am having doubts on the destined living quarters they have determined, she has vastly improved in 3 weeks after collapsing and having memory loss and confusion. Still shows some confusion with numbers but i believe she can function with a live-in or daily care giver. How do i confirm this or make sure i am making the right decision before taking her from her home?

ANSWER: No one can make your mother move to assisted living unless they have the legal authority to do so.  She can make that decision, or her next of kin can make it if she is unable.  You may have to go through the provincial legal channels to get the authority, which might include  going to court.  You could consult an elder law attorney  for more information on this.

I would wonder how they made this decision and diagnosis and what they think after her current improvement. It is possible that she has Alzheimer's as well as another condition which caused the recent decline  and that has resolved so she is doing better.

You can have an occupational therapist and physiotherapist do an assessment of her ADL--Activities of Daily Living, and of her mobility and risks for falls and other problems.    Discuss with them what help your mother would need to live at home.  Most people with the right amount of help are able to  do so, but it live in help can be expensive.    Look at some of the resources on my website, at for information on caregiving and resources.  You can also contact your local Alzheimer's Society and ask them about  caregiving issues and meeting the challenges of caregiving.  My recent newsletters, including the one to come out tomorrow talk about "The Dementia Road" and what caregivers need to be aware of.

I am available for phone consultations also. My fee is $110.00 per hour.

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