My mother is 80 years old and now requires some assistance. If she moves in with a family member does she still receive the same pension and do we have to claim as income

She would continue to receive her Old Age Security no matter where she is, as she would if she receives the Guaranteed Income Supplement .Her pension is her pension--I am not sure why you would claim it as yours. She still has to pay or at  least file her tax returns.   If you are charging her for living in your house, you might be able to write off some of it as caregiver expenses or you might be just able to claim some expenses as a caregiver. See this link for the Family Caregiver Amount:  If you are charging her, she might be able to write off some of what she is charged as related to a disability and  care  if she is  eligible for disability tax credits, which would mean filling out the appropriate tax forms.  See  this link for more information on that:   The best thing to do is check with an accountant.


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