My mother gave notice at seniors independent living where they provide meals. Does she have to give 30 days or 10 for the meals/housekeeping portion?

My mother is in an independent living seniors building where they provide 3 meals a day and linen/housekeeping services. She moved in in April 2013 and signed a rental agreement. She does not receive a monthly statement so we do not know how the rent/meals/services are broken down. We gave 30 days notice recently however a friend told us that she only has to give 10 days notice for meals/housekeeping. How can I find out if this is true and how do I go about making sure this happens. She is on direct debit so I am concerned they will take the full amount. Thank you.


I have never heard of that kind of arrangement before, where the notice for meals and housekeeping is less than the notice to vacate the premises. Generally, the monthly rental price is inclusive of all basic services. For independent living that includes meals (which may be one to three per day, depending on the residence) and light housekeeping, meaning once a week. Additional services that you request, for instance if someone needs help with a bath are generally not included in the monthly rent and can be stopped whenever you wish.

I would look in the rental agreement and see what it says. I would also talk to your friend and ask where that information comes from, and then I would talk to the marketing people at the residence. Ask your bank how to put a stop to the direct debit for the month.

Kind regards,

Peter Silin, MSW, RSW, CCC