My mother is in her 80s and is looking into moving into an assisted living facility. Her current month income is about $2,900. a month. The assisted living facility is about $2,500 a month I was wondering who to contact to find out weather she would quali

She may qualify for some benefits  in terms of tax relief which, while not a direct subsidy could leave her with additional  disposable income at  the end of the year.
As for subsidies, it depends on what province she is in. For British Columbia there is SAFER--Shelter Aid for ElderResidents  You could contact the local health authority for some additional information  or even often the Alzheimer's Society has provincial information on this.

Be aware that in Assisted Living costs can increase with care needed, so you should be aware of how those costs will increase if your mother's condition deteriorates.  Care charges are often calculated on a per  task or number of minutes needed and can go up by levels. 

Kind regards,

Peter Silin, MSW, RSW, CCC