My Mother lives in an independent senior's home in Chilliwack,BC. Upon her death, does her family have to give 30 days notice of us moving her things out? Since the contract was signed my her when she moved in, would it not be null and void?


According to landlord tenant regulations in BC,  notice still has to be given, and the terms of the tenancy continue, so according to them,  you would have to pay till the end of the month.  Often a  community will refund money when a new tenant moves in. Some communities will ask for a month notice from the time of death ( as opposed, say, if someone dies on the 7th of month, then waiting until the first of the following month to give the notice).  But the bottom line is, you are responsible for the contract/lease.   

If you would like to follow it up further  604-660-1020 is the residential tenancy branch of the government of BC.     Their web address is

There is also BC Senior Living Association: 604-689-5949 who could advise you.


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