My parent is currently living in On assisted living (tenant/landlord) supported by LHIN or Ministry of question is can the family expect CCAC to provide PSW to bridge the level of care already offered

CCAC has recently done an assessment...she's independent, needs no medical care. She's has extremely limited range of motion in her arms and cannot without pain raise her arms even to shoulder height. CCAC has said they cannot help because she's in assisted living but as a tenant she should be term living in her home.

I talked to the Long Term Care Action Line and they said that CCAC will not provide care as your mother is in a LHIN supported residence. If she were in her own home, e.g. not LHIN, then they would. If she needs more help than the LHIN can give her, that may indeed mean that she should be in a nursing home, unless you are able to provide extra help privately. I cannot comment on the problems you mentioned, but I hope she has been seen by a physiotherapist and occupational therapist, who help people with Activities of Daily Living and Mobility issues such as the ones you describe, If not, maybe they could help with her issues.

It sounds like you may be at a painful crossroad in terms of "what next" to help your mother and get her what she needs.

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