My wife is in a complex care home in Nanaimo under the VIHA scheme. Is there available to her an exchange program whereby she could stay at another facility here on the Island and have a holiday so to speak?

Interesting idea, but I have not heard about it, and I would doubt. There would be a lot of paperwork involved and also would mean finding a doctor who would be responsible for care in another facility and staff who would have to write up a care plan, etc. However, best thing to do is ask the Social Worker or Administrator. If they do not know, they can refer you to the person who is responsible for their facility at VIHA. You are allowed to take someone out of a facility for a holiday on your own for a holiday. There also may be privately funded places that would agree to take someone for a week or more. I have heard of people taking someone for a holiday to a hotel and hiring their own caregivers for that period, or even going on a cruise.

If you do decide to take your wife out on a holiday, make sure to review all of her care needs and make sure that wherever you are taking her, someone is available to meet her needs.


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