Our children think we should be looking for an assited living place to settle in. Problem is we don't have much money, only $3,000 a month. At present we drive to Mexico every winter, much less expensive there. We are both close to 80. What do you think?

We also dislike the idea of being in a Senior Ghetto.


Honestly, it is hard to know what to think when I know so little about you.

Depending on where you live,  assisted living may be  covered or partially covered by  your province through your local health area.  However,  if you are both healthy enough to drive to Mexico every year, I  would question whether you need Assisted Living. There are other types of seniors housing providing different kinds of services.  Independent or Supportive housing provides meals and housekeeping once a week, recreation, and a call system. Assisted living provides help with personal care.  So my question for you is, and for you to ask your children:  what is it that they think you need?  Also discuss with them why they think you need this.  What is it that they see or are concerned about  for you?  Why is this coming up now?  It may be that they are just worried that something will happen, and they want to make sure you are in a  situation where you are safe. Maybe they are just worried. And maybe  they see something that you do not.

This may be a good time for you to sit down with your children and discuss the future, and  talk about the "what happens if" questions, such as  what happens if one of you needs some kind of care or support, or both of you do and how will you go about finding it.   An income of 3,000.00 may cover some kind of seniors housing and there are  often provincial subsidies in the various provinces. Do a little bit of research by calling the provincial health unit near where you live, and find out what you can about the various types and costs of seniors housing that are available. Also, learn about other supports that might be available if you need them in future.

Kind regards,

Peter Silin