i live in brampton, i took in a homeless man 82, called peel to help him was told there is a waiting list for assistance, that i would be better off putting him back on the street for him to get help, icannot do this. but i can only help for a couple more months. he get old age and cpp. but out of this he said he has to pay his ex wife 500. i really dont know were to get him help.


 A few ways to approach this, and my thoughts:. One, if he is only getting OAS ( Old Age Security) and CPP, he should not be paying his wife $500  per month. Something does not sound  right there.  Second,  you can bring him to a shelter or at least call the shelters and ask them if they can help.  Third, you can call the local Peel  health unit  which is responsible for seniors and housing, and get their help.  Fourth, if none of those produces results, call the newspaper. Fifth, if  he was on the street for a while, he knows how to survive. You can simply tell him he has one month to find himself something, after which he will have to leave. 

What was there that made you take him in?  If there is a health issue, you can also bring him down to the local hospital emergency ward, and then he becomes their problem.  Most likely he would be known to them. 

Kind regards,

Peter Silin