At present my father lives alone, he is 86 yrs old. He currently has copd, and emphysema. He can no longer care for himself. what financial assistance can he qualify for.

My father presently lives at first place seniors residence but the care here is not quite enough for him, so this is our first step enquiring into a seniors residence where he has nurses, caregivers and assistance with your day to day living. he's currently on pension and has an income I am enquiring about financial assistance how he would qualify or go about receiving financial assistance to get him into a senior residence.

If there is any information that you can provide to me as to how I begin the process I would greatly appreciate it.



Really you are looking at your father going into a nursing home.  The best people to contact would be the local seniors care  care providers or the community care access centre nearest to your father. Alternatively, often people at the Alzheimers Society have some information on that..  You might want to call the Ontario Seniors Secretariat at   You don't say what his income is beyond his pension so I cannot tell you if he would  be able to afford private care or not. Most private nursing homes cost between 4,000 and 6,000.00 per month minimum.

Best wishes,

Peter Silin
Peter S. Silin, MSW, RSW, CCC Diamond Geriatrics