In a private assisted living facility my mother and many, many other residents complain of food lacking in nutrition and appeal - what can be done?

Complaints that food is usually covered with some sickly sweet & sour sauce, meat is tough, very fatty, or freezer burnt. Very often the residents in mom's dining room throw out half of their meals due to poor quality. This is on- going. Once the cook was even in tears because quality of food was so bad & she had no choice but to cook & serve it. Samples of food has been taken to the part- time manager who has said she would not eat it either. I worry that these folks are not getting enough usable protein & other important nutrients. Please help. Wendy

Depending on the province there is differing overseeing of  assisted living facilities. If it is not a true assisted living, and more of independent living, there might be less you can do.  Try to find out  who is responsible in the province or health authority.

Peter Silin