is there a minimum age requirement for moving into an independent/assisted living residence?

I have a student who has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum ..while having strong skills in many areas.. his communication and social/independent skills are lacking ... an assisted living or independent living arrangement would appear to be a good option. Other living options are generally made available to those with much lower cognitive abilities.

In at least some provinces, residential facilities are allowed to set a minimum age for admission. Some assisted living, supportive/independent living, and care facilities do specify a minimum age for admission. It can sometimes be as low as 55. They sometimes make exceptions for a younger spouse or other individual circumstances. Admission is oftentimes considered on need rather than age, for instance someone with a disability or early onset Alzheimer’s would fit within the parameters of this housing. Residences in the private sector, where there is no subsidy from the government, are more apt to have a stricter set of admission requirements. They look to make sure that they can handle the needs of someone who is applying and also whether they think there is a good fit with their vision and current population. The public sector generally has a wider latitude who they will accept, e.g. less based firmly on age, and more on need. For restrictions and what is legal in your province, you would have to check with the seniors or housing area.

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