What care homes are available in Pointe Claire Quebec for someone who is bedridden. I would like to know type of accomodation, rates etc.

A person who is ‘bedridden’ would have to be assessed for their official medical status, but would likely require admission to a nursing home.

Nursing homes or centres d'hébergement et de soins de longue durée (CHSLD), as they are called in Quebec, are residential facilities that provide 24-hour professional nursing care and supervision in a protective, supportive environment for people who have complex care needs and can no longer be cared for in their own homes.

In the province of Quebec, admission to subsidized nursing homes or beds are managed by Local Community Service Centres / Centres locaux de service communautaire (CLSC). If a client currently living at home wants to apply for admission into a CHSLD, he/she must contact their local CLSC (listed in the Yellow Pages or online). A relative or friend can also make the request for admission on his/her behalf. In the case of a client who is hospitalized, the hospital will undertake the request of admission into a CHSLD on the client’s behalf.

A social worker or nurse from the CLSC will conduct an assessment of the client’s physical and mental capacities. A medical evaluation is also undertaken by the client’s doctor. To be eligible for admission into a CHSLD, an individual must:

  • be 18 years or older
  • be a resident of Quebec
  • be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status
  • have diminished autonomy due to aging or physical or mental handicaps as identified by the assessment

An income/asset test is not a standard element of the assessment conducted by the CLSC.

However, if a client cannot afford the costs of a nursing home, he/she may apply to the

Régie de l’assurance maladie du Quebec (Health Insurance Board of Quebec) or the RAMQ for review and decision.

Monthly Costs:

Wards (3 beds or more) - $1,125.90

Semi-Private Room - $1,514.40

Private Room - $1,811.40

Medical care, nursing (when it is provided by the CHSLD) and medicines are free and covered under the provincial health plan. Residents co-pay for personal items such as toiletries, hair care, personal laundry, incontinence products, personal hygiene products.


Pat M. Irwin, BA, AICB, CPCA 
President, ElderCareCanada 
Professor, Distance Learning, Centennial College