What financial arrangements are necessary to move an 87 year old mother from Winnipeg to Surrey, BC who recently had a fall and sustained left upper arm fracture, now in long arm cast?

My mother currently lives independently in an apartment and has no other family members to care for her in Winnipeg. Since most of her children live in the surrounding Vancouver area, we have made a decision to move her in Surrey, BC and temporarily live with my sister (who will be the care-giver) while she recovers from her fracture and search for assisted living accommodations. What necessary financial arrangements do we need to make to transfer her government pension so that we can transition her into her new living situation? Who do we need to notify? Thank you for your prompt response.

This is more straightforward than you fear!

For federal government pensions, your mother still qualifies; all you do is change her mailing address with Canada Post, then write to Canada Revenue (CRA) at Sudbury Tax Centre, 1050 Notre Dame Sudbury ON P3A 5C, giving her name, SIN and new address.

For provincial pensions, contact Manitoba's Pension Commission -visit http://www.gov.mb.ca/labour/pension/ - to be sure there is no reason your mother should not receive her pension. She should still be fully eligible since it is based on where she lived and worked throughout her life; where she now lives should not affect it. They, too, will need full change of address information.

Pat M. Irwin, BA, AICB, CPCA 
President, ElderCareCanada 
Professor, Distance Learning, Centennial College