Who to contact to complain about the care my family member is receiving in hospital - 77 years old had a severe stroke-1 month hospitalized.

Different health authorities and provinces have different structures for complaining.  I would start with  the people on the ward such as the Nursing Leader or the Social Worker.  See if there is a specially designated person/office to handle patient care complaints.  Every hospital will be licensed and you can call the licensing people who are responsible for the  hospital. Most provinces also have an Ombudsman who can step in and do an investigation, although it can take a while, depending on their backlog and urgency. You can find them by googling "ombudsman" and your province.  Be clear  and as detailed as you can about the problems, citing examples.  Also be clear about what you expect in terms of care. Understand that there are limits on the care provided these  days--much less physiotherapy, counselling, and other associated health disciplines than there used to be.  If there are specific areas of care you want, perhaps you can hire someone to supplement what it provided. In my area, one of the things I do as act as and  advocate, depending on where you are, there may be people in private practice who can provide the same function.
Best wishes,
Peter Silin, MSW, RSW, CCC