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Summer is here, enjoy in moderation!

Recommendations for elders and caregivers to reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses

We all know that hot weather can be dangerous. For older adults, the risk increases significantly for a variety of reasons, including: aging-related physical changes in the body, chronic health conditions and even side effects of taking some medications.

Aging and Ageism - An interview with Thomas Sturge

"Well, family is that way. I have a wonderful daughter, I love her like crazy, but when she comes to see me, she almost starts to treat me like if I am a kid. She's doing it from her heart, but she ends up trying making decisions, but when you start letting other people make your decisions you, lose control. And then I think your life deteriorates." - Thomas Sturge

8 Popular Beliefs About BC’s Continuing Care Sector – Debunked

Insights West, the prolific market research company, uncovered some unexpected news in a recent survey: British Columbians, in general, are of the opinion that the continuing care sector, composed largely of retirement homes, long-term care (LTC) facilities and home-care providers, is in shambles. But is it?

The Parkgate Community Centre Launches a Groundbreaking Drop-in Daycare Program for Seniors with Dementia

Erin Smith, the organizer of the drop-in daycare program for seniors with dementia at the Parkgate Community Centre in North Vancouver is a passionate advocate for affordable programs for seniors living with dementia – and for respite for their caregivers.

Independent and Assisted Living in BC

You may remember a time when seniors had two living options. The first option was remaining in your home, and the alternative was relocating to a seniors’ residence for full-time care. But the needs of older adults are not that straight forward, and along with living healthier longer lives, many individuals that require assistance with the tasks of daily life, only need it some of the time.     

Better at Home for B.C. Seniors and Elders

Seniors that need a hand with the tasks of day-to-day life and wish to remain connected to their community now have that option. Aging in place in more than sixty BC communities is made possible with help from Better at Home.

BC Seniors Games September 9-13, 2014

Less than a month to go until opening ceremonies! Then competitors vie for bragging rights in BCs 27th annual Seniors Games.

Commitment to an Age-Friendly British Columbia

Cities, towns and communities of the world are preparing to take advantage of the opportunities that an aging population will provide, primarily - to become known as ‘age-friendly’.  Communities are being encouraged to get onboard with the age-friendly initiative set out by the World Health Organization. To achieve this, challenges will need to be overcome, but in turn everyone benefits.

Canada Names its First Seniors Advocate

In 2013, a nationwide search to recruit Canada’s first Seniors Advocate began. Through the Seniors Action Plan of 2012, a representative would be appointed as an advocate to speak on behalf of BC seniors. This person would be the voice of seniors to the provincial government.

Federal and Provincial Benefits for Seniors in BC

Most Canadians that contribute to a pension plan during their careers will be eligible to receive benefits upon retirement.

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