Looking to join the pumpkin mood? Look no more!

Halloween is here and along with scary movies on TV, spooky decorations, candies and costumes, come pumpkins!!! Anywhere you look you see that big-orange-yummy vegetable. If eating healthy is on the top of your mind, let me share with you my favourite pumpkin recipe. I like to call it: Guilty-free Crustless Pumpkin Quiche.

Humor for Seniors :) Can Auto-Correct Give You a Heart Attack?

Ouch! Time to turn off Autocorrect...

Autocorrect Horror

Humor for Seniors :) How to Get Motivated Fast!

How to get your best friend motivate you to run faster?

Run faster

Humor for Seniors :) Gotta Love Coffee

Vintage, but so true

Drink Coffee

Humor for Seniors :) Modern Grandmas-Hackers



Humor for Seniors :) Grandma and the Telescope





And no one told her she is looking the wrong way?

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