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Federal and Provincial Benefits for Seniors in Manitoba

Residents of Manitoba age 55 and older may be eligible for assistance with monthly living costs. Certain benefits will be automatic at age sixty-five and some will require formal application. This is a guideline for reference only -- review it closely to be sure you are taking advantage of both provincial and federal benefits available to you.

Top Cities to Retire in Canada - 2013

Each year the lists come out - best places to live, best cities for kids, best travel destinations - you get the picture. This year more seniors than ever want to know which cities in Canada are the best places to retire. We’ve searched the polls and read the reviews so that we might give you the best list!

Top 10 Reasons Why Move to a Retirement Home

Moving to a new home can be one of life’s major milestones. You’ve contemplated relocating to a retirement home but are still on the fence, and we understand that. So we’ve gathered the top 10 reasons that moving to a retirement community may be the perfect option for you.

Retirement Home Costs in Canada

Costs of Retirement Communities in Canada vary greatly depending on location, size of the accommodation, amenities and services offered. Usually retirement home fees include monthly rent, daily meals, utilities as well as access to amenities and services. Most popular amenities offered in retirement residences are 24-hour emergency response system, transportation, on-site nursing services, and exercise facilities.

Manitoba is Magical for Retirees

Over a hundred and ten thousand lakes await you in beautiful Manitoba – the province where you’ll find the clearest skies in all of Canada. Over half of Manitoba is forested, while agricultural industries account for much of the province’s remaining land usage. Home to over ten percent of the nation’s farmland, Manitoba also hosts thriving natural resources, tourism, and energy industries. Seniors seeking affordability and access to modern amenities should give some serious consideration to this incredibly prosperous province. Let's take a more thorough look.

Seniors Advocates and Assisted Living in Manitoba

In the province of Manitoba there is no authorization or screening required to operate an Assisted Living facility or community. They are privately owned facilities and are not licensed or government regulated. The Manitoba Home Care Program provides professional services to Assisted Living residents based upon their individual eligibility.

Governance and Structure of Home Care in Canada

Canada has a complicated structure that supports the planning, funding and delivery of home care services across Canada. There is no central body of government that regulates home care, and in 12 of 13 provinces and territories, home care services fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministries of Health.

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