Pets and Senior Living

Makeup for Mature Women - An Interview with Bahar Niramwalla

For those ladies like me who love makeup, we know that a bad job can ruin our appearance. And if for every skin shade and type there is a best choice of makeup, it is no different when it comes to skin age. To help you make the best choices, SeniorsZen interviewed makeup artist and beauty expert, Bahar Niramwalla. Bahar shared valuable tips for you to rock your next makeup! 

Looking to join the pumpkin mood? Look no more!

Halloween is here and along with scary movies on TV, spooky decorations, candies and costumes, come pumpkins!!! Anywhere you look you see that big-orange-yummy vegetable. If eating healthy is on the top of your mind, let me share with you my favourite pumpkin recipe. I like to call it: Guilty-free Crustless Pumpkin Quiche.

Are elderly drivers at a greater risk for the roads and should they be prohibited from driving? New study says “No.”

CBC News presented the story of 94-year-old Peggy Ellison, a resident of Tottenham, ON that, after 70 years of driving, got her driver’s license suspended. Her mistake: she was driving too slowly on the highway.

The Wonderful Things a Pet Can Do For You

Type “adorable puppy” into Google or Bing or Yahoo or DuckDuckGo or, yes, even Dogpile. Or “cute kitten”. I dare you. Images of puppies that will make a wide grin spread across your face will immediately appear on your screen. It will be hard to look away. (I just had to close my browser so as to be able to continue writing this article without being distracted by tiny puppies with oversized heads.)

Moving with your Pet

So you’re ready to make the move to a new home in a new community? The retirement apartment you’ve chosen is pet friendly, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Your pet has been a faithful companion no matter what life has thrown at you, but how will a change of this magnitude affect him or her? Moving can be a cause of stress for pets, but don’t worry – there are preparations that you can make to ensure that the transition to your new home will go smoothly.

Pets: A Welcome Trend in Senior Living

Ducks help Steve deliver the mail! You read that right -- volunteer mailman Steve Score and his three feathery companions, Peeper and the Pipettes, bring bills to the residents at the Detroit Lakes nursing home in Minnesota. “These aren’t the usual household bills,” Steve says. He delivers the mail accompanied by three ‘duckbills’, who enjoy coming along to visit with the many friendly residents.

Pet Therapy and Seniors

As the old saying goes “dogs are man’s best friends”. Dogs, and other pets as well,  are able to provide a certain type of companionship and friendship that other animals aren’t able to provide. This companionship can be therapeutic, which is why many senior living communities have began offering pet therapy programs.


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