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Changes to Leases are in Effect for Quebec Seniors’ Residences

Do you rent an apartment or house, or live in a private retirement home in Quebec? Or are you planning to?  If so, you should know that there is a new law, named Regulation respecting mandatory lease forms and the particulars of a notice to a new lessee, which states that all lessees and lessors in the province must use new leases that have been approved by the government – starting on February 24th, 2015.

Federal and Provincial Benefits for Seniors in Québec

Residents of the Province of Québec may qualify for benefits from both provincial and federal governments at the time of their retirement from the workforce or upon reaching 60 or 65 years of age. Following is a brief overview intended to help Québec seniors understand the benefits they may be eligible to receive.

Top Cities to Retire in Canada - 2013

Each year the lists come out - best places to live, best cities for kids, best travel destinations - you get the picture. This year more seniors than ever want to know which cities in Canada are the best places to retire. We’ve searched the polls and read the reviews so that we might give you the best list!

Retirement Home Costs in Canada

Costs of Retirement Communities in Canada vary greatly depending on location, size of the accommodation, amenities and services offered. Usually retirement home fees include monthly rent, daily meals, utilities as well as access to amenities and services. Most popular amenities offered in retirement residences are 24-hour emergency response system, transportation, on-site nursing services, and exercise facilities.

2 Great Places to Retire in Historic Quebec

Canada’s second most populated province, Quebec is an incredibly prosperous spot to consider spending your golden years. With an incredible GDP of nearly 320 billion, Quebec is the only province which identifies French as its primary language. Let’s take a moment to explore this fantastically diverse addition to the Canadian cultural and artistic mosaic.

The Life and Styles of Retirement Homes in Montréal

The good news about spending one’s retirement years in Montréal, besides being near the Botanical Gardens, the Cosmodome and Shelburne Museum, is the range of options in senior care and the various styles of retirement homes in Montréal. 

Provincial Support to Seniors’ Facilities in Quebec

Each of the provinces of Canada is unique in the way that support and funding for housing, home care and other services specific to seniors is provided and managed.
In several of the provinces, funding for assisted living facilities and seniors’ communities is available at the provincial level while in some of the provinces assistance is based upon the individual resident and the services that they require.

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